The basics

I’m truly passionate about Graphic and Web Design and even more about UX Development, with over 16 years working experience in web development and around 20 years in graphic design. I also have been involved in UX design, SEO, Back End Development and even Server management.

See my full profile at LinkedIn, or download my resume.

I work full time at Cyber-Duck Ltd as a Senior Software Developer since 2011, where I have acquired great experience working in large projects with the team, and started as a public speaker, presenting in several conferences and workshops like Front-end London, Digital Shoreditch, UX London and SXSW in Austin, TX.

  • I was born in Valencia, Venezuela, 21st of August, 1977
  • I’m a UX Developer and a Web Designer
  • I’m Venezuelan & Italian, I speak Spanish, English and basic Italian
  • I Live in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • I work as a full time contractor at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Some of the software and techologies I use

  • Hand code CSS (Sass, Less)
  • Hand code HTML/HTML5
  • Several front end Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Materialize, etc
  • Hand code JavaScript/jQuery/Vue.js
  • UX, Usability, Accessibility & Web Standards
  • PHP and different Frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter)
  • Git, SVN for Version Control
  • Preferred OS is Mac, but can (and have) work on Windows or Linux (Comfortable with Command Line)
  • Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, XD & Illustrator
  • Google Analytics & SEO, and Google Tag Manager
  • Sublime Text, VS Code and other code editors
  • CMS development with WordPress, SilverStripe, Statamic, Magento and many others.