Hi, I’ve been a web designer and frontend developer for over sixteen years now. I spend most of my days writing Sass, HTML and some JavaScript, reviewing code, testing websites, and sometimes taking photos. I live in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, after moving over from London where I lived for over 5 years, and before from Mexico a few years ago.

Being a web developer means I get to work in a very creative and dynamic environment, with a team of people who love what they do as much as I do, where everyday we help each other get better at building the web.

This is who I am


I was born in Venezuela back in 1977 from a singular family who taught me how to live a my life well while making the world a better place. I grew up surrounded by art, creative people and sometimes by very challenging circumstances.

Having worked since 1994 in the graphic design industry, I started a small design agency with my older brother in 2002. I created my first website back then, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

I like to be up to date with design and coding trends, I love to read and going on trips. I love Music, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Radiohead among many others. I also love to watch a good movie with my partner, and a piece of strawberry cheesecake with milk.

How I spend my time

Graph of my time

About this website

This site is built with Statamic, a very flexible, flat-file cms, with HTML5, CSS3, using Adobe Fireworks / Sketch and Sublime Text 2 under a Mac OSX environment. Icons come from Fontello and the fonts are Bree and Clear Sans from Fontsquirrel. The grid system is Hoisin.scss which I developed for Cyber-Duck a few years ago.

This time around, the design was meant to be only a vehicle for the content, while keeping some of the colours and details from the previous design. I wanted a website that was simple, easy to use, responsive and JavaScript free (except for the Disqus commenting system).

Design mentions

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