BIRDIE, a photography conference

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to attend a conference that in many ways felt like something new: a one day event made by photographers, dedicated to anyone who is passionate about the human side of photography, and not only the technological side.


Upgrading my tablet: iOS vs Android

I've been a happy first generation Nexus 7 user for a couple of years, but enough time has passed, hardware is getting tired and it's time to upgrade. After using an iPad mini for a few weeks, is time to decide if I keep it or upgrade to a new Android.


Long lenses for portraits

I've read several times that wide aperture lenses between 50mm and 85mm are ideal for portrait photography, but I like to use longer lenses like 105mm or 135mm, as they force me to step away from the subject, which many times makes for a more natural feel to the portrait.


Resources of June

One day late, but a new batch of very good links with development resources. This time a bit more towards JavaScript, all collected in the past 30 days.

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